Wellis Inc. | Full Service Wheel Repair

Cosmetic Services:
Wheels are removed from the vehicle and repaired in our mobile wheel repair facility. Every repair is different but every repair is made using the highest quality primers, paints and clear coats used by the OEM Manufacturers.   Most cosmetic repairs are covered by a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

Full Service Wheel Repair

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Technician Certifications

• 3M Respirator Fitment and use
• 3 minute MSDS rules and regulations.
• EPA regulation 40 CFR Part 63 Sub-part 6H.





Wellis Services

Now offering Plasti-dip wheels and vehicles
Now offering PVD wheel coatings
No charge if we can’t repair the wheel.
(Remanufactured wheels available)
Free inspections (Shop Only)
Cheaper to repair than replace
Same Day Service

Repair Exceptions

We will not repair a wheel if any of the following be found: 
• Bent/cracked spokes.
• Damage to lug holes.
• Cracks in/on center hub.